“Quirky, funny, insightful.  Stories are poignant, sentimental and deeply personal...”  proclaims

Ken and Gail Jackson, ClickAroundChicago, andIt looks at breasts from the various characters’ points of view while introducing the age-old mystery of why men have such an infatuation with women’s breasts be they A, B, C or D and up!  It explores the mixed messages that women struggle with regarding their breasts and how they come to don’t come to terms with them.”

TaTa Talk

TaTa TALK shapeimage_19_link_0


“It was an amazing show, much more than I expected.  I laughed.  I cried.  All these emotions stirred up, it was wonderful!” 

Victoria Cerrone, Social Worker

“From the bottom of my heart, it  was a truly inspirational show with flavor, fun and flair.  I’d go again!” 

Taylor Stat, 22yo  Media Specialist

"The D Cup Diatribes is a poignant work ~ funny, sad, inspiring ~ voiced by a memorable montage of characters.  A must see for all women."

Angie N.

Breast Cancer Survivor

Chicago, IL



Boom and Bust

The evolution of the bra reflects not only contemporary fashions, but the evolving ideals of feminine beauty. Here's a brief history of the undergarment as it has expanded, shrunk and expanded again.

View Slideshow

Sean Roberts/Courtesy Everett Collection

Now, more retailers are looking to offer attractive bras in all sizes. The name of a year-old shop in Los Angeles's hip Silverlake neighborhood says it all: "Jenette Bras: The Alphabet Starts at D."

By selling European brassieres that are designed to flatter a wide variety of figures, Jenette Bras is responding to a broader change: Women's chests appear to be getting bigger these days...   Hmmm.


Breast cancer awareness, Breast cancer awareness month, Breast cancer walk, Breast cancer facts, Breast cancer research, Comedy shows, Bra sizing, Big book of breasts.

“(The) Actress is so talented!!!  Dialogue was superb!”

Al Lewis

Dallas, TX

“Vinkies!  I like vinkies.  lolololol.  Brilliant!”

Timothy Bond

Newbury Park, CA

“I loved it. This was funny. Great work!

Bill Williams

Dallas TX

“Vinkies are wonderful!  Breast cancer is usually an unspoken fear, unless you've been personally touched by it through family, friends, or personal experience.

It's beneficial for all of us to have healthy attitudes toward a portion of our human anatomy which is so vitally intrensic to whom we are as a rational human Family.”

Bruce Rusty Lang

Dallas, TX


“Refreshing and penetrates core issues/values that is quite provocative yet delivered on a platter of humor."

B-Jamin Irao

Santa Cruz, CA


Back to School Comedy Relief:  Mom’s Night Out

“Get an "A" in Back-to-school planning by putting September 23rd on your calendar.  It's time for Mom's Night Out with a Mission.  Gather the girls for cosmo's, or make it a memorable night of girlish fun, wit, nostalgia and laughs.  A new "breastcentric" comedy hit Chicago by storm recently, and the topic is near, dear and daring to any mom - breasts.  Can you take along your daughter?  Sure.  One character (portrayed by comedy veteran) Lauran September is an 11 year old gymnast, who laments her non-development.  Penny's awkward moments provide the most hilarious and touching moments, when her quandary about "what am I going to become?  Gwyneth Paltrow?  She hasn't pumped up the plastic.  Scarlett Johannsen?  Wow.  Overwhelming."  She even contemplates not developing at all... hmmm.  It's a thought.  No stifling bras, nothing to get in the way of her gymnastics moves.”

“Love your vinkies...  Cool characters, very nice job.” 

Joe Dan Gorman

Kansas City, MO

THE BRA SINGER: August 2010

Songs for Bras and Breast Cancer



In Burbank, California there is a "Bra Whisperer" named, Susan Nethero. Her title is "Chief Bra Stylist" and she's the founder of a "string" of lingerie boutiques. With cred's like hers, we are most impressed, she was trained by the Queen of England's Royal Bra Fitter (what size is the Queen now, anyway, I've often wondered). She's worked on Oprah, as well, who hasn't?

She puts her eager staff through "Bra Fit Boot Camp" and they are all friendly, warm and utterly enthusiastic about their Playtex. I love her mission to "lift up" women, it's a mission shared by "The Bra Singer", Melody Swink.

Swink doesn't sell the fabulous figure fixtures, but she does talk, chat, whisper and sing about them. Her fresh, new "breastcentric" comedy, The D-Cup Diatribes is all about breasts and our relationship with them - and the mirror that beholds them.

From an 11-year old girls' anxious ruminations about her growth and the slowness, thereof. To a single mother who is making ends meet at a "breastcentric" male eating establishment called Honkers (ala Hooters). The former is being pulled in two directions, one to "honor her natural gymnasts" build", and the other, her mother admonishing her that "cleavage is more important than college", beauty being of paramount concern.

The "Honkers" girl is undergoing a serious bra malfunction and is exhorting help from heaven to repair her woes, and her broken bra. These are hilarious takes on the real-life stories of a woman and her bra. Hence, the title, The D-Cup Diatribes... the tata's are talking. This breast-conscious comedy examines the lives of 8 feisty females, and how each character internally struggles and externally compensates or copes with her relationship with her body... in a Cleavage Culture Society.

Take for instance the African-American police offices who laments that her bullet-proof vest doesn't sit completely flat because of her 42E - sized mammaries. Contemplating a breast reduction to "take away some of the bountifulness." She's a warm, likable character that every woman can relate to. Whether coping with a tad smaller than I'd like to see in a tight dress... or a little more than my back can (without strain) hold up.

We are proud to be in partnership with The American Cancer Society raising funds for breast cancer awareness and breast cancer prevention. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - stay tuned for D-Cups events, the Breast Cancer Walk and more. Bring a new bra (D and plus sizes) to the show and help Support... UPLIFT women in need. Bras will be distributed to women's shelters across the country and in your community. A hilarious, comedy night out for Everyone!

Make "Breastfriends" with yourself - and your mirror.


Former Marines Pose for Breast Cancer Calendar

Former Camp LeJeune Marines pose for a Breast Cancer Calendar to highlight their own struggles with the disease.  These men are brave, bold and true Patriots.  This calendar is a must-buy for anyone, male or female concerned with breast cancer.  Combining Art with a Cause is something Melody Swink is a proponent of.  Her "Breastcentric" comedy, The D-Cup Diatribes has been called - Comedy for a Cure...

D-Cup Diatribes to Benefit Cancer Society

September 4, 2010

Cancer Survivor October 2010

The D-Cup Diatribes (Premiere Night)